RK Wilson Place RHOA

Andrea has been great to work with and is the cornerstone to the stability within our HOA.  Andrea has been meticulous and organized, helping us through our administrative needs.  Her leadership has helped us through some difficult times dealing with construction defects and litigation.  I look forward to our continued relationship as we grow our reserves and plan for the future.

— G. Kang

Jakes Run CA

We were tired of self-managing our HOA, so we began partnering with Andrea to get our financial house in order.  The transition was seamless, and it's a huge time savings (and a relief!) to have Andrea handling our books.  Beyond the operational details, Andrea also lends her expertise to helping us sort out more strategic questions about how to handle certain issues in our HOA.  We can't believe we waited so long to reach out!

— J. McCoy


Redstone Townhomes OA

Andrea is an exceptional community manager. She is very knowledgeable in the industry, mature, and communicates clearly and in a very timely manner. She takes her work seriously and made my job as HOA President easier and less stressful.  I highly recommend her services to other homeowner association communities."

— A. Killion


Sacramento Lofts COA

It is a pleasure to work with Andrea Klopfenstein. She is really responsible and organized. She is extremely good at communicating with us, always responding to emails shortly after we contact her. It is obvious she has our best interests in mind, and when asked for suggestions about anything, she always has exceptional ones. With her, HOA meetings are really efficient. We are so fortunate to be able to work with her. Thanks for your hard work!

— V. Arozamena

AUO Rosegate Condominium

I'm new to the board (and boards in general), but I've found your work invaluable in keeping us up to date and informed. I appreciate the speed and care with which you handle any issues that arise in the community and you've been lovely to correspond with.

Thank you for your service!

— A. Willett


Tofte Farms OA

Our board can rest knowing that Andrea is at the helm of managing our association.  She is easy to reach, knowledgeable, helpful and performs her duties with integrity and professionalism.  Without a doubt, she is highly recommended.

S. Carlock

Sacramento Lofts COA

Andrea Klopfenstein has been very helpful in getting our community organized. She has many community contacts for services needed by condo associations, and is always willing to make thoughtful recommendations.  She gives personalized individual attention, and is friendly and responsive to all our needs.  The best decision our condo association ever made was to hire her!

— N. Golkaldas